Love Ritual Spell Candle

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Ritual Spell Candles are fixed candles with a specific intention. These are great for spells, rituals, setting intentions, and quick magical workings. Already set and worked on by Juliet herself, they are packed with a lot of power and Magick. As always, she only works with nature spirits and the elements to charge her magical workings. 


Love Ritual Spell Candle is perfect for Self love, attracting true honest love and friendship, Amplifying healing within love related trauma, passion, bringing fire back into a relationship, clarity of love, love candle works with anything dealing with love matters. 

To use simply write your intentions for that candle on a paper so get a clear picture of what it is you want. Light the candle and sit in silence while you visualize the outcome in your mind. Really get into it, like playing a movie. Feel what that outcome would feel like, look like, and then place your hands on each side of the candle, over the candle just not close enough to burn yourself. Gaze at the flame and now envision your energy coming out of your hands and into the flame. Do this for at least 3 deep breaths. 

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