About Us 

November Sage houses real healers and Witches with the sole purpose of helping you heal and rise. We are daughters of the Earth that work with the spirits of Nature to bring you natural, powerful, medicinal, magical ingredients filled with pure honest love. 


Holistic products lovingly handcrafted

100% Natural/Organic and vegan


Founder/CEO: Juliet Diaz 

Juliet is the creator/owner of November Sage Botanica, Plant Coven, and Tierra Sagrada (A nonprofit). She's a healer, seer, herbalist, and mother. Known as the Plant Whisperer. Juliet was born extrasensory and comes from a long lineage of witch healers. She is an Indigenous Taino Medicine Woman. A Behique (healer) of her tribe. Signs of her natural gifts like healing, energy reading, communication with spirit & other realms shined through at the age of 3. She believes Magick lives within us all. She feels passionately about bringing truth to this mundane world and inspiring others to step into their presence/truth.


She has over 30 years experience and has a Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine and is a bestselling Author. Her book Witchery - Embrace the Witch Within.



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