Super Blood Wolf Full Moon Ritual & Bath Kit (Limited)

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Super Blood Wolf Full Moon Ritual & Bath Kit (Limited) To start off the year November Sage brings you our very first kit and it isn’t just any kit, it’s a powerful ritual and bath kit that will shift your very presence. if you truly want to start of the year right, devoted to self, Magick, ancestors, and manifesting the life you want...this limited kit will do that for you! Of course you will have to perform the easy to follow ritual steps included with this kit but most of the work is done for you by real witch healers guided by their ancestors 100% 


Ritual & Bath Kit: 

•Bath Salts that will turn your bath water black as night, filled with herbs, roots, oils, and house made black salt that will deeply detox the spirit and body releasing anything that has latched on to you and anything that you can’t seem to let go of. This is not for those who don’t want to really move forward with their truth... this is for those ready and willing 

•Blood Moon Incense made in house especially for this event. The incense moves out all of the stagnant energy and brings in a flow of guiding light, sending you into a soft trance state enabling you to better communicate with your guides and ancestors 

•Feather, Palo Santo are blessed by Juliet to specifically enhance your Magick and amplify energy while protecting your space. 

•Black candle is anointed to help release all that does not serve you and call out to the powers at be in aiding on clearing your path of negativity, alignment at its fullest potential, and ignition of truth within yourself to see things more clearer while amplifying intuition.


This is a truly sacred kit and we are honored to be able to share our Magick with you.

100% Natural?Organic