Sacred Energy Ancestral Clearing w/Juliet

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Choose the date & time, this service is done at the November Sage shop in Jersey City.


This service is perfect for those needing a reset/healing. Our energy body can become filled with other's energetic junk and this can cause havoc in your body, mind, and life. Feeling stressed? Anxiety? worry? are you feeling like things are not flowing smoothly or feel blocked? This clearing is like a bath for your soul. Juliet works with Sacred smoke and a special blend of Ancestral waters to clear you of all that does not serve you. Feel renewed, inspired, free, peaceful, and balanced. Banish all negativity and align yourself. Juliet starts with candle wax divination and connects to her guides + ancestors who help her pinpoint knots in your energy body. This is something only Juliet does and has learned from her Ancestors.  


Who's Juliet: Juliet is the creator/owner of The School of Witchery & November Sage Apothecary. She's a healer, seer, herbalist, and mother. Known as the Witch healer, Plant Whisperer. Juliet was born extrasensory and comes from a long lineage of witch healers. Signs of her natural gifts like healing, energy reading, communication with spirit & other realms shined through at the age of 3. She believes Magick lives within us all. She feels passionately about bringing truth to this mundane world and inspiring others to step into their presence/truth.

She has over 30 years experience and has a Masters of Science in Herbal Medicine and is a soon to be published author.


Recommended: 1 clearing a week or 1 bi-weekly minimum to keep your life and energy aligned and cleared of any negativity.