Romeo & Juliet Bath Salt & Home Wash

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This special blend handcrafted by November Sage Apothecary was created for self love. attract love, rekindle a love you already have. It is set with the intentions of only bringing you what serves your soul best. Blend was created on the Full Moon during a healing ceremony. It's blessed and fixed with magick by Juliet the owner of NS. You can use this blend as a bath wash and or home wash. We recommend doing both. Use as a floor wash, on furniture, walls, windows, doors and so on. One order has enough blend for you to prepare for both. Healing scents/properties of our pure/organic herbs, oils and roots. 

Size:1 oz 

Directions: Use 1-2 teaspoons per 8oz. of water. In a pot place your water and herbs and boil. Once you bring it to boil, reduce heat and let it slowly simmer for 15min. For more potency, boil no more than 20min. Make sure to strain the herbs before using the water for your bath or home. 


Ingredients: Rose,yarrow,catnip,fennel,calendula, cinnamon,lavender oil, sea salt  (all organic 100%)



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