Ritual Ceremonial Candles- Mourning

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Mourning Ritual Ceremonial Candles 

These beauties are dear to my heart, I created these when I held the funeral for myself. I didn't want to put them up until I perfected the blend of oils, herbs and roots that I felt in my bones honored death, crossroads, pain, release, peace and shadow. MOURNING can be done in so many ways and I tried to capture its essence within these candles. Their energy is warm, healing and embracing. Keep these on your altars to honor shadow as well as light in your craft, place them by a photo of a passed loved one, or burn them in ritual for yourself as your purge what does not serve you, as you shed the old you and celebrate your rebirth. However you use them, they are a magickal presence waiting for your witchy hands.


Candles are crafted during ceremony and ritual. The work done on them is sacred and powerful. To those who appreciate this process, we thank you.


Candle: 10" taper candle made of 100% beeswax, natural oils, herbs, flowers and roots. 

(Dragons oil, Rue, Elderflower, Lemon Balm, Mugwort, rose, and a special ritual blend of oils and other herbs.100% natural)


YOU GET THIS SET, 2 candles. with this order. 


Instructions sent with order.  ( SHIPS within 5-7 business days)