PROTECTION- Ritual Ceremonial Candles

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Expected release date is 15th Jul 2018

PROTECTION - Ritual Ceremonial Candles

Looking for the ultimate protection? these candles are made to clear, banish, reset, break bad habits, rid negativity, and ward off evil. They are gentle to the soul but mighty in power. BEAUTIFULLY STUNNING. Lay on your Altar, place anywhere in your home, hand on a wall, whatever you like! You DON'T need to light them but can if you wish =) They work either way.  


Candles are crafted during ceremony and ritual. The work done on them is sacred and powerful. To those who appreciate this process, we thank you.


Candle: 10" taper candle made of 100% beeswax, natural oils, herbs, flowers and roots. A large Selenite wand comes with each set.

(sage oil, rue, sage, lavender, and a special secret ritual blend of oils and other herbs/flowers.100% natural)


YOU GET THIS SET, 2 candles. with this order. 


Instructions sent with order.  ( SHIPS within 5-7 business days)