Portal - Road Opener and Prosperity Floor Wash

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This floor wash was made as a road opener, to help bring in prosperity, and keep those doors and roads open. Made from a special combination of 'abre camino', mandrake root, rose, bay rum, as well as the Rose of Jericho and other plants and Bernd as well as a proprietary blend of essential oils. 

The base for this was made during the Sagittarius full moon of transformation, known to push through one's personal limitations. 

Limited run.


water, proprietary herbal tincture, herbs, florals and essential oils.


For ritual cleaning purposes only. This is what is known as a 'magical wash' which is a curio item which is not intended to replace, heal, or cure any medical condition.

Do not consume. Intended for applying to external objects, like floors, doorways, walls, etc.




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