MOTHER Spell Candle - Fertility & Pregnancy

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Mother SPELL CANDLE - (burns for 7 days) This one is for Fertility and Pregnancy, also for receiving those mothering loving energies.
This candle is beyond magnificent! I worked on it for a customer who came in for a custom spell candle (yes we do custom all the time just reach us). When I do my candles I step into my gifts, allow them to guide me while I channel what it is the soul asking for it needs... I'm literally not in this realm while I do my work, it's sacred space. Once I finished and started to seal, I noticed something peculiar.... not only did it come out looking like a magickal swamp with frogs but it also ouuzzzzzedd! (Swamps are magickal AF but also extremely fertile grounds)
We were all in a trance watching the Magick ignite within it. All my spell candles are sacred, magickal AND WORK, the reviews are humbling. THIS particular one though had something else.... it holds Brigid s energy for fertility,  it holds all the mojo I placed in it to enhance that fertility and Mother energies, it has my secret oils and honey blend... it also holds my breath... and for this AS A MOTHER myself, I can truly feel its power more than others..


Our Fixed Spell Candles are unique to us and crafted 100% by November Sage Witches/Healers. 

The creation of each of our candles is truly sacred. We set space and call in our Ancestors & Divine Guides.

Fixed candles are an extremely important part of our daily lives, rituals, ceremonies and meditations.

We are excited to be able to share our Magick with you and extend our healing hands. Candles last up to 7 days and come with instructions. 


What's inside? Motherwort, Nettle, Raspberry, Home made Magick Honey with natural herbs and oils and more!


Enchantment: We set space and call in our Ancestors and Divine Guides. Each candle is done one at a time by myself or our House Witch Meghan. 

Both born with awaken extrasensory gifts, both healers and both Witches from LONG LINEAGES of witches and healers. 

We bring forth holy smoke for protection on every candle and Sacred smoke is burned with herbs and oils that connect to the intentions we set in the candle. 

We prepare the candle wax with with the 5 directions and set the base with a special house oil blend which we cook in our cauldron during Full and New moons. We add our herbal blends and pour Moon water which is used along with our healing energy to seal in healing in ALL candles.  

Directions are sent along with your purchase for each candle.