Moon Phase Series: Waning Moon Candle

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Moon Phase Series: Waning Moon Candle

Be inspired by the phases of the moon!

Moon: Waning
Focus: Courage
Aromatherapy: Jasmine & Grapefruit

A tri-phase candle series focusing on the Waning Moon, Full Moon, and the Waxing Moon phases. This listing is for the Waning Moon candle. Burning this candle during the waning moon will assist in giving you insight on any obstacles that need to be confronted in your life. This blend of Jasmine & Grapefruit notes releases dreamy aromas allowing positivity & courage in and shutting negativity out. 

When the moon is waning, we should focus on adjustment in our lives. This may involve releasing negativity in the form of relationships, jobs, or environment. During this phase, you may be confronted with strife that should be met with courage and bravery. These decisions have potential to initiate excitement and utopia. Encourage these feelings by burning grapefruit that will comfort you in detoxing phases, along with jasmine which will instill openness & optimism. 


The entire Moon Phase series is made with 100% soy wax in a recyclable 12 oz. glass jar. The wick is made from wood, which enhances the candle burning experience with a soft audible crackle. A dust cover is included with the candle. Please remember to remove the dust cover before burning! Your plant based and magical candle will be delivered to you in a 4x4 craft box, making it easy to gift to your closest friends and family. 

**It is important to remember that the above descriptions are based on common notions and feelings known to occur during the specific moon phases. These words are meant to give you inspiration and tips on what to focus on during specific phases of the moon. There is no guarantee that these feelings or emotions will occur. But I wish you all the best positive vibes!**




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