MOON MANIFESTING Botanical Spell Candle

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Our 7 day candles are soy or beeswax, 100% natural. Crafted and Fixed by November Sage experienced Witches & Healers. All of our candles in this Botanical Collection burn for 7 days and are fixed with natural oils, herbs, and fixings unique to November Sage. We work with Nature Spirits and therefore the candles are of service to YOU not you to them. You can turn them off and on as you please. FULL instructions are always sent with each candle. Juliet Diaz the owner of November Sage comes from a long lineage of Witches & Healers, she along with her family have been crafting candles for hundreds of years. They have brought many blessings and success to their family as well as protection. Juliet Diaz was born with the Magick touch, a born healer and seals each and every candle. Her own success and abundance is proof of the beautiful Magick surrounding everything she touches, and now let us send that Magick touch to you. 

>Instructions sent with candle. Candles ship within 3-5 business days


Moon Manifesting Botanical Spell Candle

Manifest all your desires with our powerful Moon Manifesting Spell Candle. This candle took months to perfect with countless visions from Juliet's guides. It can be used both during the Full and or New moon. It is purposefully made to resemble the moon and carries its energies within it. 


What's inside? Moon MAGICK! House made moon water, moon oil, moonstone, moon energies, and sealed with Juliet's Magick during the full and or new moon. 


Image: The image you see is our label for the candle