Mercury Retrograde RX Spell Candle

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(burns for 7 days) 

Mercury Retrograde RX spell candles are now available. 

Soothing, peaceful, and rooting... all the energy medicine we need to get through M.R. The smells from our beeswax and 100% organic essential oils will transform any space. While our herbs, roots and dirts + spell workings call in balance, rooting, and releasing of any turmoil shaking within you. Spell candles are powerful and come with full instructions. Our candles are plant Magick based and made in ceremony by Juliet Diaz where she breathes her intentions and Magick into each candle.


Our Fixed Spell Candles are unique to us and crafted 100% by November Sage Witches/Healers. 

The creation of each of our candles is truly sacred. We set space and call in our Ancestors & Divine Guides. 

Fixed candles are an extremely important part of our daily lives, rituals, ceremonies and meditations. 

We are excited to be able to share our Magick with you and extend our healing hands. Candles last up to 7 days and come with instructions. 


What's inside? Beeswax, Birch Leaf, Butchers Broom, Bilberry leaf, Bee pollen and 100% essential oil blend curated by November Sage as well as other herbs,roots and workings. 


Directions are sent along with your purchase for each candle.