Heal-All Balm

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Heal-All balm is our go-to remedy for any healing the skin may need. Made from wildcrafted fresh blooming All Heal (Prunella vulgaris) and Plantain leaf (Plantago majora) solar-infused oils, and Pennsylvania sourced beeswax.  Our Heal-All Balm is perfect for bumps, burns, bites, and bruises.  It moisturizes and heals cracked, dry skin too!

Herbal oils by Native Apothecary are created during the new moon and solar-infused for one full moon cycle ensuring that the healing energy of our potions are potent and rich.  This balm was born out of this process.

You are sacred and so you are worthy of potent remedies harvested from the land, made with a grateful heart.

This listing is for either a one ounce or four ounce tin.




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