Cologne Oil- Back Country Forest

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Cologne oil captures the scent of the outdoors in a bottle, plain and simple. Carefully distilled essential oils build our natural fragrances, allowing the aromatic wonder of every needle, cone, sprig, and flower to work its magic. A concentrated blend, just a few drops can go a long way; just apply to the skin in the same area as any spray.


- Back Country Forest: Take a walk through the alpine wilderness with bright conifers like pine, spruce, and fir, with supporting notes of lavender, lemon, and basil to make this fragrance a refreshing call to the wild. 


After a shower or bath, use a few drops applied to your lower jaw or neck, spreading gently but not rubbing the oil from one area to the next. "Less is more" is a fairly broad guiding principle for most things in life, but the adage certainly applies here; remember you can always add more but can't easily take away if you overdo it. Most oils are clear but some carry natural pigmentation from the essences included, so always apply to skin and never to clothing. Perform a patch test first, may contain allergens for some people. 


Fractionated Coconut Oil, Fragrance*, Squalane**

*crafted exclusively from essential oils
**derived from olive oil


This blend of natural oils contains a base of light, absorbing carrier oils comprised of fractionated coconut oil (a distilled, liquid coconut oil), and squalane oil derived from olives. Our fragrances are blended from an array of essential oils which are extracted using a variety of processes, mostly steam distillation. Natural essences may sometimes carry color which carries over from the botanical source. Includes an orifice reducer for judicious use.

Contents: 1/2 fl oz or 15 ml




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