Your complete and intuitive guide to herbal magic. 
We are sisters of the wise. The muse’s daughters. We are the medicine makers, healers, and shamans who guide this earth. We’ve come together from all paths to express our sincere love of and connection to the healing language and practice of plant wisdom. 
The November Sage Herbarium welcomes you into our garden. A way to share our shared knowledge and experiences of our plant journeys. Inside this digital space, you’ll find a selection of interactive courses on everything from herbal potions and tinctures to gardening tips, healing properties and so much more. Coupled with each class is a selection of informative downloadable e-books, workbooks, and worksheets to help you ground this knowledge into your plant practice. 
The November Sage Herbarium Library is a database of thought-provoking articles, e-books, monographs, charts, weekly kitchen videos and more. Our library features some of the most up to date research, green practices and guidance for deepening your herbal studies. 
The November Sage Herbarium and Library is our collective grimoire, opened to those seeking additional resources and knowledge at an affordable price. 
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